Democratic revolution in Toronto

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Democracy is someting you do and NOT something you watch. Municipal governments are more important to ordinary citizens than any other form of government. Yet,  resident don’t pay attention it.

I recently came across a fantastic article exploring some of the ways that the political process in Toronto could change. The article identifies a number of issues including:

– law voter turnout (approximately 40%)

– number of councillors who have been in office more than 20 years (approximately 30%)

– small number of minorities serving in Toronto City Council (only 4 serving as councillors)

– number of councillors that were elected when a majority of voters voted for someone else (14 of 44)

– should “permanent residents” who are not Canadian citizens be given the right to vote?

– should the political parties be kept out of municipal elections?

Hold on to your seats – this is one of the most interesting articles I have read in a while.



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