Food and drink the order of the day on diverse Danforth–food-and-drink-the-order-of-the-day-on-diverse-danforth

Dora Keogh’s Irish Pub is going strong on the Danforth.

Food and drink is king on the Danforth, a small but vibrant neighbourhood where an Irish pint goes great with a Greek gyro or a roll of sushi.

Anthony Walsh is head chef at the Dora Keogh Irish Pub (141 Danforth Ave.) and says in the 12 years the pub has been open (more than 20 years for the attached Allen’s Restaurant next door) one thing has stayed resolutely true about the Danforth: It is a Mecca for food and beverage outlets, with more than 35 places today to grab a bite or a beer on its main stretch running from Broadview Avenue.
Read the complete article here.


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