Re: Reading – Making The Danforth Great!

Re: Reading – Fantastic Ward 29 Business – Helping To Make Toronto Danforth The Great Place That It Is

I am an avid reader, book lover, book collector and lover of used bookstores. I also love walking on the Danforth. The other night I found myself in front of Re: Reading. Re-Reading is a new bookstore that features used books. It’s a fantastic place: great selection of books, couches and a friendly and positive environment. I walked out with a bag of books with very little dent to my wallet.

According to its website, Re: Reading is owned by Christopher Sheedy who established:

Re: Reading in his dreams in 1986 and Re: Reading in Reality in 2009

It’s great to see somebody follow his dreams!

Ever since the advent of the “Big Box” store, it has become harder and harder for independent bookstores to survive. (This was the background to the Tom Hanks – Meg Ryan movie called: You’ve Got Mail.) I predict that Re: Reading will flourish. The Danforth is well suited for smaller stores. There simply isn’t enough retail space for the Indigos and Walmarts of the world. (Although a large Shoppers Drug Mart has just opened west of Jackman Avenue.)

So, check Re: Reading out. You’ll be glad you did. It’s at 548 Danforth Avenue – in the heart of Toronto Ward 29. (647) 347-USED(8733)

John Richardson – Toronto Danforth Ward 29 Candidate


If you love used and independent bookstores (like I do), you may find the following article about independent bookstores from the May 3 Toronto Star to be of interest.


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