Ward 29 Bikes – Commute to city hall May 31

Ward 29 Bikes  reminds us that:

“Ward 29 is home to Carrot Common, the East York Civic Centre, and more cycling than you can shake a spoke at. Encircled by Coxwell and Danforth Avenues and the Don Valley, Ward 29 houses some of the best riding in the city. Cycling attractions in or adjacent to the ward include the Don Valley Brickworks, Crothers Woods, and a large chunk of the Don Valley trail system. The ward currently has just 3 km of bike lanes: an east-west stretch along Cosburn Avenue from Broadview to Coxwell (and continuing through Ward 30 to east of Woodbine).”

Cycling continues to be a current and  important issue in Toronto. I have recently included posts on both bike sharing in Toronto and on bikes lanes in Toronto. Did you know that  Toronto has an official bike  plan for the City of Toronto? Toronto cycling has a huge social component.

I just received the following email from “Ward 29 Bikes“:

“Ward 29 Bikes would like to invite you to participate in Bike Month’s signature event, the city-wide Group Commute to City Hall on Monday May 31, 2010. This is your opportunity to connect with the hundreds of local voters who participate in this annual event; don’t miss your opportunity to demonstrate to them that you take cycling issues seriously.

The members of Ward 29 Bikes will be joining the morning ride downtown along Danforth at two points: Donlands Avenue (approximately 7:10 a.m.) and Chester Avenue (approximately 7:20 a.m.). To ensure that you don’t miss the ride (the group doesn’t wait for stragglers), you’re best off being at one of the starting points ten minutes before the estimated departure time. Our downtown-bound group will meet additional groups from the north and west at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor before continuing on to City Hall as part of the biggest ride of all.”

I will be participating and would like to meet as many of you as possible.

What is Ward 29 bikes? In their words:

“Ward 29 Bikes is an association of cyclists in Toronto-Danforth Ward 29. We believe that cycling is a practical, convenient, and environmentally friendly method of transportation for many trips within the city, and that everyone should feel safe riding on both streets and shared paths. We work in the local community to make cycling better for everyone in and around Ward 29. For more information about us, please visit our web site at www.29bikes.ca.”

I visited their site and noticed that Hamish Wilson is part of the executive. Hamish Wilson was a candidate in Ward 29 in the 2006 elections. It is likely that his candidacy was motivated largely to promote cycling in the city of Toronto.

Hamish Wilson had it right  in 2006.  Cycling continues to be an important issue in 2010.

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