36 Years in Business On The Danforth – Sheri Punjab

36 Years in Business On The Danforth – Sheri Punjab
351 Danforth – 416-465-2125

Amal Singh immigrated to Canada  from India  in 1969. With him he brought his wife, one child (three more were born in Canada) and his profession as a “tool an die maker”. He  first lived  on Bain Avenue and worked  for five years as a “tool and die maker”. In 1974, Mr. Singh (instead of buying a home) bought the building at 351 Danforth Avenue. He opened his restaurant (“Sheri Punjab”) and eventually moved  the restaurant into this building. Sheri Punjab is a fantastic restaurant (I eat there all the time) – but amazingly has:

– had the same phone number  since 1974;
– and been in business since 1974.

Over my years of eating chickpeas and rice at Sheri Punjab, I have had many conversations with Mr. Singh about Business, Toronto and Business in Toronto.

On balance, Mr. Singh feels that local politicians have not been harmful  to him But, he notes  that no City Councillor has ever approached him and asked if  there was anything that the city could to do help his business.

Mr. Singh has lived  through enormous tax increases  since 1974. He was  hit particularly hard when the Ontario tax system was changed to current value assessment (resulting in a 50% property tax increase for his business). He has considered buying other  buildings on the Danforth, but  is  reluctant because  of how high the property taxes are. Clearly, higher property taxes erode amount that properties can be  sold for. Paradoxically, by levying such high taxes on commercial properties, the City of Toronto  may be lowering the value of its  tax base – and therefore its  tax revenues.

Sheri Punbab depends on customers coming  to the restaurant. Mr. Singh feels that the aggressive ticketing practices make people reluctant to park on the Danforth (which is a negative  for  his  business). In a previous time, parking in Toronto was free in the evenings during dinner hour.

Furthermore, as a restaurant owner,  Mr. Singh is subjected  to a number of  restaurant regulations and inspections. Although, he has  no particular complaints  about the way the inspections are carried out, he does find some regulations unnecessary and  irrelevant.

Mr. Singh feels that there is no relationship between the taxes that he pays and the services that he receives  from the city. In fact, he notes that as taxes have increased, the “pick up” of garbage  from the restaurant has  become less frequent.

In any case, Sheri  Punjab is a fantastic neighborhood restaurant. Check  it out!


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