Audio Post – It’s about the “Three R’s”

When it comes to City Council – It’s About “The Three R’s!”

Toronto Residents have a right to expect:

Respect – They work for us!

Regard – They must act in our interests!

Responsibility – They must exercise – “Sound responsible judgment!” when spending our hard earned money!


For the last four years, Toronto City Council has treated Toronto residents as though they are annoyances to be managed and not as constituents to be served! You have every right to be angry.

On October 25, 2010:

Exercise the power of your vote to reclaim the City of Toronto!

Elect councillors who are committed to the “The Three R’s”

My name is John Richardson. I have been your neighbour in Ward 29 since 1984.  If elected on October 25, I guarantee that you – the residents of Ward 29 – will be represented with:

Respect, Regard, Responsibility and Sound and Independent Judgment.


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