Layton and the NDP endorse Patalonee

Once again, the NDP have entered Toronto elections. According to the Toronto Sun, Jack Layton is ready to officially endorse Joe Patalone. This is the second example of this week of the political parties entering municipal politics and trying to frustrate the will of the people. Dalton McGuinty has dealt a tremendous blow to the fortunes of George Smitherman by giving the endorsement of the provincial Liberals. George Smitherman is now officially associated with:

– the introduction of the HST in Ontario;

– the increase in electricity prices in Ontario;

– the secret regulations passed by the Ontario government during the G20 conference;

The McGuinty government is surely on the way out.

(Let’s not forget Mr. Smitherman’s tenure as Health Minister.)

That said, Jack Layton and the NDP have a long history of interfering with Toronto elections. In fact, at one time, Jack Layton was the official NDP candidate for Mayor.

Although Jack  thinks that he is giving Patalone a great gift. The reality is that:

for Joe Patalone an endorsement from Jack Layton will be as harmful as the endorsement of Dalton McGuinty was for George Smitherman. It’s starter to look more and more like Mayor Ford. After all, it’s the only way that Torontonians have to express their outrage and contempt for Toronto City Council  and the councillors that have been sucking them dry.


Joe Pants gets nod from Layton

By DON PEAT, Toronto Sun

Last Updated: August 24, 2010 2:58pm

George Smitherman isn’t the only mayoral candidate getting endorsements from politicians in higher places.

Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone will pick up an endorsement from federal NDP Leader Jack Layton Wednesday.

Layton, a Toronto MP and former Toronto city councillor, will throw his support behind Pantalone in Nathan Phillips Square at 9 a.m. — just before the last city council meeting of the term.

“Mr. Layton will speak to those gathered about why Joe is the only candidate with a real vision for a strong, sustainable, inclusive Toronto, and the only one with the experience to make sure it unfolds,” a press release from the Pantalone campaign stated.

In the same release, Pantalone admitted he used to disagree often with Layton when he was on council.

“But our small disagreements were driven by passion for our greater agreement: Toronto must be a city for everyone,” Pantalone stated. “I’m proud to have him join me once again in pushing for that vision.”

Earlier this week, the Smitherman campaign mailed out postcards featuring 36 Toronto area past and present, mostly Liberal pols from the provincial and federal level.

Mayoral rivals Rob Ford, Sarah Thomson and Rocco Rossi all slammed Smitherman for the Liberal power play and accused Queen’s Park of meddling in a municipal election.

When asked Monday about Smitherman’s endorsements, the Pantalone campaign declined to comment.


1 thought on “Layton and the NDP endorse Patalonee

  1. votejohnrichardson Post author

    NDP leader Jack Layton endorses Joe Pantalone

    August 25, 2010

    David Rider

    NDP leader Jack Layton endorsed Toronto mayoral candidate Joe Pantalone at City Hall Aug. 25, 2010.
    Richard Lautens/Toronto Star

    Deputy mayor Joe Pantalone, trailing badly in the race to become Toronto’s next mayor, picked up a high-profile endorsement Wednesday morning from federal NDP Leader Jack Layton.

    Layton joined Pantalone in Nathan Phillips Square at 9 a.m. to make it official.

    Pantalone is the standard-bearer of Mayor David Miller’s left-wing faction of council but, according to recent polls, is running a distant third behind fellow councillor Rob Ford and former Ontario deputy premier George Smitherman.

    Layton is no stranger to City Hall. He sat on Toronto and the old Metro councils from 1982 to 1991 and 1994 to 2003. His son, Mike Layton, is running to replace Pantalone as councillor for Ward 19 (Trinity-Spadina) and previously endorsed the deputy mayor.

    The latest poll, conducted Friday to Sunday for the National Post, Global Television and Newstalk 1010, pegged Ford’s support at 32 per cent of decided voters, followed by 21 per cent for Smitherman, Women’s Post publisher Sarah Thomson at 10 per cent, Pantalone at 9 per cent and former Liberal fundraiser and non-profit boss Rocco Rossi at 7 per cent.

    One quarter of voters were undecided. The margin of error is 4.9 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

    The same poll, the National Post reported Wednesday, showed Miller would get “a whopping win” if he ran again, with about four in 10 Torontonians saying they prefer him to the field of five main candidates.

    Of the 400 surveyed by Ipsos Reid, 39 per cent said they would choose Miller over the others, while 58 per cent said they would select another candidate even if Miller was in the race.

    If Miller ran again, the pollster said, he would steal support from Smitherman and, in some suburbs, Ford.

    Miller surprised many last September by announcing he would not seek a third term. Amid recent rumours that he was considering changing his mind, Miller affirmed that he has no intention of joining the race before the Sept. 10 nomination deadline.


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