Star Wireless – Mobilicity – opens in the heart of Toronto ward 29

Star Wireless – Mobilicity – opens in the heart of  Toronto ward 29

Check it out - 1004 Pape Avenue - A Proud East York Business

During the election I began writing about small businesses in Ward 29. As goes Ward 29 businesses, so goes Ward 29.

One of Toronto  Ward 29’s  newest businesses is Star Wireless which is run by Eric Duong. Eric moved to Canada at the age of eight from Vietnam. He is  an authorized  Mobilicity dealer. In addition, he sells long distance calling cards, sim cards, prepaid phone cards, wireless products (bluetooth, etc) and  provides unlocking services. Eric has added a tremendous suite of services to Pape Avenue  and to  Toronto Ward 29. His store at 1004 Pape Avenue  which used  to be a meat shop is  now  a bright,  nicely renovated  testament to the wireless age.

It’s hard to believe that one year  ago Torontotonians were restricted to one  of three wireless providers – Telus, Bell and Rogers (which includes the Fido brand). Well, that’s a bit strong – Petro Canada, 7 Eleven and Primus, Solo and Virgin resold the services of the big three. That has changed with the addition  of Mobilicity, Wind Mobile and Public Mobile in the Toronto market.  Remember the  old Zeller’s ad:

“The lowest price  is the law!”

Mobilicty, Wind and Public Mobile  have brought lower pricing to the Toronto market.  A case in point is the Mobilicity Plan that I just got from Eric. Although it is a promotional plan (not currently available) it includes:

– unlimited  local calling
– Free North American long distance
– Unlimited text messaging
– Blackberry Internet
– Mobility Internet
– Call waiting, call forwarding (conditional, if busy, if no answer), voice mail, caller ID, etc. (The call forwarding feature  of  Fido, Bell  and Telus is unconditional making it less  useful.)

In other words,  the plan includes everything.

The only catch is  that the unlimited services work only from  Toronto. (Expansion to  other  cities  in Canada is imminent.) If  you leave  the Toronto area you  will be roaming and paying on a per minute basis. In any case, this particular mobility plan (and they have a lot of plans) is a great home phone substitute. The  email and web access work  very well.

You can find Eric at:

Star Wireless & Accessories, Inc.
1004 Pape Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 3V9

(416) 645 – 1631


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