City parking: A primer

January 28, 2011 – 8:51 am

City councillors voted to “clarify” a bylaw that caused a furor over the summer because it appeared to restrict the number of cars that could be parked in a driveway.

“You can park in your driveway,” Toronto chief planner Gary Wright assured residents Thursday, after the planning and growth committee voted to amend what he called a “confusing” part of the city’s new harmonized zoning bylaw. “If you have six guests, and you want to park overnight in a driveway and your driveway is big enough, sure.” The previous city council approved the single city-wide zoning bylaw that sought to harmonize 43 disparate regulations across the city. Mr. Wright said the wording of the section dealing with driveway parking — which, prior to this, was technically not allowed in some parts of the city — limited the number of spots in the driveway to the number of spots in the garage, so that you could park one car in front of a single-car garage, and two in front of a double.

“I think that was too specific an approach on our part. The purpose of the amendment is to say, let’s not talk about one car or two cars. Let’s just say you can park in the driveway,” said Mr. Wright. The bylaw applies to new homes only. Any existing parking spots that were legal before continue to be. City council must sign off on the change before it takes effect.

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