Parking bylaws do not apply to government officials

This is a picture taken at approximately 1:30 p.m. 0n Monday April 11/11 at 81 St. Mary St.

This car was there for a minimum of 45 minutes:

– parked illegally

– parking officer nowhere to be found

– car was there for a minimum of 45 minutes

Let’s compare the violations in Toronto to the St. Louis Parking Violations.

When it comes to |Toronto parking officers, sometimes they are:

– waiting to be found  – Toronto Parking Police will wait to ticket you; and

– nowhere to be found.

Here is another Toronto blog with examples of Toronto Parking Police officers parking illegally.


2 thoughts on “Parking bylaws do not apply to government officials

  1. Nalliah Thayabharan

    Everything about parking tickets in Toronto is a cash grab. With huge quotas the parking enforcement officers will pass by the odd single car blocking main streets to go for expired meter violations where there will probably be several expired meters. Don’t blame the parking enforcement officers, blame the city of Toronto. Municipal governments are inherentley corrupt. Forget innocent until proven guilty. Toronto has steadily and persistently made it more difficult over the recent years to fight parking tickets. The City of Toronto cancelled night court, made it mandatory to apply in person for a court date, and generally do everything possible to get people to pay the ticket rather that fight it. Once again small businesses are paying for mismanagement by city bureaucrats.

    1. votejohnrichardson Post author

      Here are a number of interesting resources dealing with the issue of Toronto Parking tickets – make sure that you research the validity of this information but:

      Fighting Toronto Tickets – Independent Sources:

      Toronto Parking Tickets – What The City of Toronto says:

      Services To Help You Fight Parking Tickets:


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