Toronto’s Tenant Tax – Keeping Toronto’s rents high!

Ward 29 - Toronto Tenants

Toronto’s “tenant tax”

Toronto  Tenants  Pay High Rents  Because  of Discriminatory Tax on Tenants

“It is assumed that because rental housing is a business, that higher rates of taxation can be charged, even though those levies are passed on dollar-for-dollar to the tenants under landlord and tenant laws, and even though the majority of tenants are renters because they have lower incomes and can not afford to be homeowners. Of course, since the tax levies are ultimately paid by tenants as part of our rents, most tenants unaware of the real source of any increased taxes, nor that over 20% of our rents are in fact due to municipal property taxes.”

You can see  the difference in the tax rates  here.

I  am amazed that  that few people  seem interested  in this  issue.  If you are a Toronto  tenant or  landlord you need to make your voice  heard…

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