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On-street parking spots converted to bicycle parking

In a Toronto first, the city has converted two on-street parking spots on lower Spadina Avenue into a mini-parking lot for up to 16 bikes. Continue reading

Ward 29 Bikes – Commute to city hall May 31

Ward 29 Bikes  reminds us that:

“Ward 29 is home to Carrot Common, the East York Civic Centre, and more cycling than you can shake a spoke at. Encircled by Coxwell and Danforth Avenues and the Don Valley, Ward 29 houses some of the best riding in the city. Cycling attractions in or adjacent to the ward include the Don Valley Brickworks, Crothers Woods, and a large chunk of the Don Valley trail system. The ward currently has just 3 km of bike lanes: an east-west stretch along Cosburn Avenue from Broadview to Coxwell (and continuing through Ward 30 to east of Woodbine).” Continue reading

Bike lanes narrowly defeated – how the councillors voted

If bike sharing in Toronto, bike rentals and a consciousness of biking is to succeed Torontonians do need places to ride. The issue of bike  lanes has been part of  Toronto politics  for many years.  Despite this level of interest 1/3 of councillors missed the crucial vote. Pay attention to who your councillors voted (if they bothered):

Friday, May 14, 2010

Third of councillors skip bike-lane vote

Proposal Defeated

Natalie Alcoba,  National Post

A plan to create bike lanes on University Avenue this summer was killed in a vote by city councillors this week. Brett Gundlock, National Post Files

More than one-third of city council missed the vote on Wednesday that killed a proposal to create bike lanes on University Avenue. Continue reading

Bicycle sharing the way to go …

Bike sharing in Barcelona

Toronto City Council has made a deal with a Montreal company to provide a bike share service for Torontonians. Bike sharing is a good idea – whose time had come a long time ago.  You will find bike rentals and sharing in European cities. I was recently in Beijeng and noted that bikes and bike rentals play a major role in moving people around the city.

What follows is a summary from the National Post. Continue reading