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5 thoughts on “Chat with John

  1. Redmond Weissenberger

    Hello John

    I like what you have to say! I am running in Ward 13, Parkdale-High Park against Bil Saundercook, a 20 year career politician who is more interested in representing special interests than his constituents.

    I am interested in meeting up with you some time to discuss your political philosophy.

    You can check out my website at

    Best Regards

    Redmond Weissenberger

  2. Anna Merotto

    As one of many residents who live in the surrounding Pape Village neighbourhood, I would like to support our local services and encourage more growth with more shopping variety. Sadly there are many who just drive through Pape Avenue to get to a big box store.
    What actions would you take to support retail and encourage more local shopping along Pape Village. A walk to destination not a drive through.
    Would it be possible to answer this question before October 22?

    1. votejohnrichardson Post author

      Hello Anna:

      Thanks for your comment.

      I don’t know whether you were at the debate on October 14 – but one of the questions was “What would you do to bring the “C” back into community?”(or something close). The obvious answer is to be “be a community” and that does require supporting local business. This election has made it clear that “parking”, “number of cars in the ward”, etc. are big issues. Hence, the fact that the businesses of Pape Village are “walkable” makes them very attractive. On a personal level I use the stores and services in the neighbourhood (same dry cleaner for 25 years, etc.) In other words – here is the answer that I gave: ” Be a community”. That means supporting the community.

      Your question focuses on two things: 1. support retail and 2. encourage more local shopping

      1. Support Retail:

      The obvious answer includes a reduction in property taxes on business. I have talked to at least one restaurant owner that finds them crippling. In addition, there are a number of by-laws (governing signage and placks, etc.) that make it hard for small business. It occurs to me that a number of residents are probably not even aware of the diverse range of businesses in Pape Village. There should be a “Pape Village Business Directory”. It should be a site that all business owners can post on – advertise specials, talk to residents, etc. This should be linked to a Twitter account.

      Actually, as I am writing this reply I took a second to do this:

      The site is:


      So, any Pape Village Business can email me: and I will give them access to this blog.

      My philosophy of business is that: “Unless everybody makes money, then nobody can make money.”

      So, the next step would be for the individual businesses to support each other. Not sure what that would mean practically, but it should be done.

      Next: When you go into a mall there is a directory of businesses. This should be created in Pape Village – there could be billboards (or the equivalent) put at various locations.
      So, when somebody is in Pape Village they know where to find what they want.

      Next: Parking is a huge problem – and I believe that this is a reason why people go to “big box stores”. That said, I suspect lots of people would love to walk to the store (I do). So, what about setting up a delivery service for products purchased. The Pape Village store owners could each pay for a share of a delivery van or whatever. This way people would not even have to carry things to the car, etc. Just a thought, but I think this could work.

      2. Encourage Local Shopping:

      Well, if all the above things are done, this would go a long way. The businesses could get together and create a flyer featuring products and opportunities from all stores. Furthermore, I think that it could be a good step to generate pride in the community. Business owners should be seen as “your neighbour”. Unfortunately, a large number of people are totally anti-business, which is ridiculous. Here is a link to a post that I wrote on this:

      Okay Anna, there are some quick thoughts on this. I would be interested in your comments.

      John Richardson
      Independent Candidate – Toronto Ward 29

    1. Arthur R. Watson, Jr.

      Hello John :
      I am trying to get organized to run as an independent candidate in the next Federal election in the riding of Saint John, NB
      Any assistance would greatly be appreaciated.


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