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Toronto Parking Enforcement – Waiting until someone parks illegally …

rather  than ticket someone illegally parked!

During the 2010 municipal election parking enforcement was an issue and a frequent topic of discussion. At least one Toronto Ward 29 candidate and Rocco Rossi suggested that parking enforcement was too aggressive and that people  should get a “5 minute” grace  period. Although, I  personally think this is ridiculous (why not a 10 minute grace period), it is clear  that the behaviour of the parking enforcement people  is extremely antagonistic. That said, they (as they frequently repeat) are “just  doing their job”.

What is the job description of of a Toronto parking ticket officer? Well, I  assume their job is to ticket cars  that  are illegally parked  But, it presumably means more than just ticketing cars. Surely,  it means that they are required  to look  for cars that are illegally parked. Is there a difference between “actively seeking cars that are illegally parked” and sitting around waiting for    cars to park illegally? Continue reading