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Rob Ford – the only election issue in Toronto!

Rob Ford: The Only Election Issue in Toronto!

John Richardson, independent candidate – Toronto Danforth Ward 29

October 22, 2010

The mayoral election on October 25, 2010 is a referendum on only one issue.

That Issue is Rob Ford.

Democracy is Alive and Well in Toronto

The 2010 Toronto mayoral race has been the most exciting ever. The combination of:

– a fixed election date
– a long period of campaigning and
– unprecedented voter anger

has made people take note.  Voting at the advance polls was up approximately 80% from the 2006 election. This suggests a massive voter turnout on October 25.

The Remaining Players

There are three candidates remaining: Rob Ford, George Smitherman and Joe Pantalone.  Under the current system, the candidate who receives the most votes beside his name (“first past the post”) will win. That said, it is not always true that voting for a candidate is the same as a vote for that candidate! In fact, a vote for one candidate is often a vote against another candidate. Continue reading