Toronto Ward 29 Candidates

On Wednesday January 6, 2010, Veteran City Councillor Case Ootes made it official: he is retiring. He will not be running again in Ward 29 or anywhere else. This caps a remarkable career in City Council. During the Millers years, Mr. Ootes became the “conscience of common sense” and a symbol of “fiscal responsibility”.

Even so, John Richardson (one of the candidates for City Councillor for Ward 29) in an interview for the “East Toronto Observer” commented that:

“I think he has been an asset to the city. He is one of the few councilors who will be missed. But city politics should not be a career for life”. For that reason, Richardson also commented called “Ootes decision to retire commendable”.

On behalf of the residents of East York – Case Ootes we thank you for your years of service!

But now, onward.

There are currently six candidates running to replace Mr. Ootes. They are (in no particular order – but “Ladies before Gentlemen”):

Jane Pitfied

Jennifer Wood

Mary Fragedakis

Mike Restivo

Chris Caldwell

John Richardson

If you are a candidate in Toronto Ward 29 and your name is not here, contact me and I will add you to the list.


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