A bit of personal history – archive of VoteJohnRichardson.ca

Archive Of VoteJohnRichardson.ca

This is a good place to keep a bit of personal history. For various elections I used the site: VoteJohnRichardson.ca

Here are archived versions of the site for different elections over the years:

2015 Federal Election – VoteJohnRichardson.ca

Around 2014 – Toronto Ward 29 Election

Municipal Election 2019 – Toronto Ward 29

And going back to 2006, here is the John Richardson Election site.





2 thoughts on “A bit of personal history – archive of VoteJohnRichardson.ca

  1. bill3971

    Hi John…found this in my mail today so thought I’d take the opportunity to say hello. I see you’re still hard at the political stuff: me I’ve stopped although I too often express my political opinions on FB . My last formal involvement was during the 2014 municipal where my successful objective as a mayoral candidate was to return ward elections.

    I’m following the American political debacle very closely as the orange fool and bully seems intent on bringing worldwide disruption to our earth. Socially, i think the USA is setting a terrible social as well as political model for the world…too many poor, too many police killings of ethically minority civilians, health care beyond the means of most, too many guns, too many unemployed, too many of almost every negative you can think.. It makes me thankful to live in Canada although we are not in any means perfect…but a more caring and supportive society for the needy, the ethnic, and the differences of religion and sexual orientation.

    I’m also have a website, fairjobs.ca where i’ve become increasingly concerned with jobs disruption and loss from robotization of work which while hurtful to many on the short and medium term has good promise too usher in universal guaranteed income plans to provide a fairer distribution of our nation’s wealth and enough consumption in the face of growing unemployment to assure sufficient consumption to keep our economy afloat, and reduce poverty and need. This will also be necessary to reduce need to keep crime and rebellion under control—topics i’ve explored on my fairjobs.ca site.

    I did read much of your website, your introduction to the candidate’s forum and noted john turmel took part. Turmel was one of my opponent candidates when I was mulroney’s PC candidate in the election of 1989. I think he heldthe record then of contesting the most elections.

    One other thing of note, signclair stephens was in the forum audience. You will recall when stephens was a cabinet minister that he was in a controversy of starting a trust company that was widely seen as a conflict of interest with the cabinet position he held as i recall. Anyway I was in meetings in the Commons at the time and while meeting in a basement room right across the hall where an all-party parliamentary committee was meeting which included both sinclair stephens and sheila copps. My meeting ended just as a noisy angry group of arguing parliametarians including stephens and copps were moving quickly down the hall. Apparently in the meeting Copps had accused Stephens of wrongdoing and I think it was copps who leaped over a chair to attack stephens—or it could have been the other way round.

    3 stories related to this incident.

    1) I was in a group enjoying the best steak dinner ever in the Parliament “Railway Room”, the fancy parliametary banquet hall, thanks to the Canadian taxpayer, and 3 or 4 Conservative MP’s were seated at each of the tables. The Speaker of the House was sitting next to me and I suggested to him that the Conservative Party should drop Stephens “like a hot potato.” All of the MP’s including the Speaker spoke in support of Stephens.

    2) I was wearing a tag that gave me free reign of Parliament–and so walking down one of the halls, Minister John Crosby, an exuberant guy at the worst of times was in a press gaggle questioning Crosby about the copps/stephen incident at which Crosby laughed and said “No problem” (Copps or Stephen whichever he was referring to, “Couldn’t fight his (her) way out of a wet paper bag” As an aside ti Crosby—he was coming through Oshawa and staying at the Genosha Hotel, and I had the easiest job ever that night, introducing him to the audience, all of whom being aware of Crosby’s reputation. Interestingly, we got instruction from his “forward people” to prime his with a specific brand of rum before his talk.

    3) With my parliamentary pass, i could use the parliamentary bus shuttle between buildings and so the morning after the copps/stephen altercation, i stepped into the shuttle and took an empty window seat in the the filling bus and Sheila Copps took the aisle seat beside me. She was a member of the 4 person Liberal “rat pack” and the other 3 members of the group were sitting a few rows behind at the rear of the bus . They were all joking with Copps about the incident and she joined the laughter.

    All for now John. Hope everything is good with your life. Have a great xmas



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